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Nero AI Image Upscaler makes your photos sharper, clearer and enhances image quality and resolution.

AI Upscaling

AI Denoising

AI Optimising

Up to 4x magnification
without losing quality
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Max size 15MB. Source image should be smaller than 2.25 megapixels (e.g. 1500 × 1500 pixels in 1:1).
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Enlarge images up to 400% without quality loss.

With Nero AI Image Upscaler, you can upscale small images by up to 400%. Obtain high resolution and quality with fully automated AI processing. The quality of images will also be improved by reducing noises and sharpening.

Customize result with a few clicks
Preset upscale rate, targeted width or height, a few clicks for result. Boost your workflow of printing, presenting and social sharing.
Enhance typeface
Increase size, remove artifacts and enhance quality. Actual content of every image counts.
Focus on details
Edges, shapes, contours, pattern and textures… We dig deep into details that deliver good quality.
Want to upscale images anytime, anywhere?
Welcome to use mobile app Zoomr!
Make it easier for you to upscale and enhance the pictures in your phone album.
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