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How to Add a White Background to Photos for Free?

Why do we need a white background in our photos?

Most photographers choose to use a white backdrop image since it is cleaner, brighter and does not distract from the subject matter. In addition, using a white background can highlight and make your goods stand out.

Still, for some intricate design pattern typesetting, a continuous white background will be an excellent solution.

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What is AI background removal?


Background removal involves removing everything except the main subject in a photo, leaving a clean transparent, or white background. It’s commonly used in creating attractive product images and making collages in graphic design.
In the past, photographers relied on green screens or solid backdrops, which were time-consuming and required careful editing. With the emergence of digital software like Photoshop, manual background editing became feasible, albeit still demanding time and skill.
Today, we utilize AI algorithms to assist in removing backgrounds. These algorithms analyze the image and automatically separate the subject from the background, streamlining the process. With AI background removers, removing a photo background is as simple as clicking a button. This method saves time and requires no editing skills.


Which AI background remover should I use?

Meet Nero AI Background Remover, a cutting-edge service that swiftly eliminates image backgrounds in less than 5 seconds – it’s that fast! It handles even intricate details like furry hair with precision, delivering satisfying results for any type of picture.
Nero AI Background Remover preserves photo quality while removing backgrounds, and allows you to easily add new backgrounds and crop images according to your preferences.

What can I use it for?

There are various possibilities for background removal. Here are some examples:
  1. E-commerce Product Photos: Quickly create professional product images for online stores or marketplaces.
  2. Graphic Presentations: Enhance presentations by removing backgrounds from images, and focusing on the subject matter.
  3. ID Photos: Easily create clean-background ID photos without the need for a photographer.
  4. Social Media: When you feel your photo doesn’t quite capture your essence, refine it by making cutouts, altering backgrounds, and more.

How to add a white background Step by Step?


With Nero AI Background Remover, you can effortlessly remove backgrounds, change backgrounds, resize and rotate your object, and crop and resize photos to fit different platforms.

1. Remove Background

    • Go to and find the Background Remover.
    • Click “Upload Image” to select your photo, then click “Start” and wait a few seconds.

2. Change Background, Choose White Background

    • After the background is removed, click “Edit” to change it.

    • Choose from solid colors or background images provided, choose a white background
    • You can also upload your background image.

use nero ai online to add white background

3. Resize and Rotate Object

    • Simply drag, resize, and rotate the object to your liking.


4. Make ID Photos for Passport


When you receive a white backdrop image, you can utilize it to make ID photos for passport purposes. You will save money without having to search for a certain photo gallery.

Nero AI also provides a variety of sizes from which to pick. Easy to get the perfect passport photo in seconds.

    • Check and adjust the size and ratio of your photo.
    • Select from commonly used sizes for online marketplaces and ID photos.
    • Choose your preferred size and you’re done!

make ID photo for passport by nero ai


Try it for free now.

In essence, Nero AI Background Remover provides precise algorithms that produce immaculate cutouts. It also meets the basic editing needs to prepare your images for a variety of uses, including e-commerce, ID photos, and social media.


Ready to use Nero AI Background Remover to create the ideal white background image? With only one click, you may erase the backdrop and apply a white background. It’s already finished.

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