10 Rising Star Generative AI Apps (2022)

10 Rising Star Generative AI Apps (2022)

What’s Artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) software is a program that aims to make computers act like humans by learning, reasoning, and carrying out tasks as humans would. It’s a common tool for improving our analysis and judgment in everyday life. It is used in many different sectors to do things like increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and better capture data in the security sector through the use of video and audio. The influence of AI on modern life is undeniable. Then you should read this article to find out which AI program best suits your needs.  Prepared to embark on the magical journey of artificial intelligence. Let’s take pleasure in the fruits of these 10 innovative AI tools.

10 AI Application List

  1. Notion AI (AI Writing Assistant Tool)
  1. Midjourney (AI Image Generation)
  1. Nero AI (AI Image Upscaler)
  1. Rewind (AI Data Search)
  1. Snipd (AI Podcast)
  1. RESEMBLE.AI (AI Voice)
  1. GitHub copilot (AI Pair Programmer)
  1. Mem (AI Knowledge)
  1. Magenta studio (AI Music)
  1. Runway (AI Video Editing Generation)
  1. Notion AI

notion ai screen shot

(capure from Notion AI official web)

 I was ecstatic to learn that Notion had released Notion AI, as I believe it will serve as a fantastic inspiration tool for writers of all stripes and a useful resource for the Notion office. Be more productive in your writing and expand your horizons. Despite the fact that it is still in Alpha, a very preliminary stage of the final products, it is still worthwhile to sign up for the wishlist and give it a try. If you’re a fan of Notion’s design, you’ll be happy to know that Notion AI maintains the same distinctive style and offers a gorgeous website layout to everyone.

(Video from Notion Offical Youtube Channel)  

Lex is another AI writing tool that I have added to my wishlist. It’s really cool because if you type some words at the start and then press “+++,” the lex will give you feedback to feed more content to you. It appears to be a conversation with an AI robot. It’s an incredible sensation.

lex ai web screen shot(Capture from Lex official web) 

The most amazing aspect is that it assists you in the creation of articles. There’s no need to be concerned about running out of ideas on a blank page when you can simply type in the outline. The program will then begin working and will automatically write the entire article. Ali Abdaal, a famous blogger, once used it to create an essay titled “15 tips for efficiency” and broke it down into a series of tweets, which turned out to be his most popular tweet.

  1. Midjourney

midjourney offical web screenshot(Capture from Midjourney official web)

Midjourney is a brand-new text-to-image generator that is swiftly taking over the internet, and users of social media have been quick to compare it to the Dall-E Mini, which has also gained viral fame for performing a function that is comparable to what Midjourney does. This is not a standalone program but rather an AI mapping tool built into the Discord framework that can be used to create images with descriptive captions. Just tell it what you need in the way of a direct mapping command, and it will produce an image automatically.

  1. Nero AI

Nero AI uses state-of-the-art image enhancement technology to miraculously boost the quality of your photographs.nero ai web screenshot (capture from ai.nero.com) 

You can use it as a reliable photography helper. Image quality and resolution can be increased with its assistance, and the image’s parameters can be tweaked to better suit your needs. The ability to tag photos online is another perk. The image’s components can be quickly and accurately tagged for easy retrieval and organization. It’s a great resource for organizing data and organizing media.

nero ai image upscaler with midjourney pics(pics from the lens official Instagram, https://www.instagram.com/nerolens/)

Your ai upscale experience at ai.nero.com/enhance is now enhanced with 5 free coins for a refresh. I was relieved to learn that we could use it for free, day in and day out, and not just for product photos, photographs, vintage photos, or other business-related photos. The larger image, the greater clarity.

  1. Rewind

rewind ai web screenshot(Capture from rewind official web) 

What happens if you accidentally delete or tamper with the information on your computer? Occasionally, it occurs, and when it does, it can result in a significant financial loss for a company or an individual. That’s why having a reliable backup solution like Rewind is so important. Daily automatic backups, as well as manual, real-time backups, will keep your data safe thanks to strong encryption.

  1. Snipd

snipd web screen shot

(Capture from snipd official web)

This is an AI audio podcast. In addition to the usual functions like subscription and playback, it uses AI analysis to create segments and summaries of each episode. The subtitles will be generated mechanically as well. That’s a huge help for getting the word out to new listeners. Both the episodes and the subtitles can be exported to other programs like Notion for additional study.



resemble ai web screenshot(capture from resemble.ai official web) 

A voice cloning program is what this is. A small sample of your own voice is imported, and then your voice is used as a model for computer-generated speech. Your voice’s length has a direct correlation to how closely the synthesized version will mimic your natural voice. The problem is that there may be a breach in security. Many dishonest people commit fraud using artificial intelligence voice synthesis. This fraud may be worth as much as $17 million, according to Pindrop, an American information security firm.

  1. GitHub copilot

Github copilot web screenshot

(capture from GitHub copilot official web page)

Imagine you are writing code for a debugger, and when you type the name of a method and hit enter, the copilot automatically fills in the rest of the code for you. In a nutshell, GitHub Copilot is an editor extension that makes contextual suggestions to programmers as they type. Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go are all supported, as well as a plethora of other languages.

  1. Mem

mem ai web screenshot

(capture from mem ai official web)

Mem is the first artificial intelligence-powered, user-specific office space. Increase your originality, speed up the routine, and maintain your order all on autopilot. You can write it down quickly, sync your email and calendar, and save links and websites from anywhere. Of course, it will make working together easier and more streamlined.

  1. Magenta studio

magenta ai web screenshot

(capture from magenta studio official web)

Google created this artificial intelligence writing tool to aid writers. It can create new melodies by analyzing and learning from a music library, making it a useful tool for composers looking for inspiration.

VOCALOID AI is yet another incredible tool because it can create convincing singing voices.
You can turn your computer into a singer with VOCALOID: AI by simply inputting the song’s melody and lyrics. I can’t wait to use these two AI programs to turn one piece of customized demo music into a true work of art.

  1. Runway

runway ai web screenshot(capture from runway ai official web) 

Runway is a video editor you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. It can remove both moving objects and background elements from the video screen, in addition to performing standard video editing tasks. You can use it directly on the website without downloading anything.

Are You Prepared to Use These 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps?

Artificial intelligence has made our lives much easier. However, there are numerous issues associated with its rapid advancement. Some writers, for example, are concerned that AI writing will replace them; criminals use audio synthesis software to commit fraud in order to profit. But one thing is certain: while AI can learn and imitate human behavior, it cannot think for itself. Autonomy and creativity are the most powerful tools we have to maintain our advantage as humans and ensure that we are never replaced by AI.

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