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4 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Revive your Mom’s Old Photos.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, have you considered what special gift to prepare for your mom?
Instead of the usual options like flowers, breakfast in bed, or a delightful feast with a cake, why not opt for something truly unique this year?
This article presents four distinctive ideas that will surely surprise and delight your mom. The only prerequisite? A selection of cherished photos from your mom’s album.

1. Restore an unforgettable photo

Which day means the most to your mom? Is it her college days, her wedding day, or the day you were born?
Don’t let those memories gather dust! Take a trip down memory lane, find those old faded photos that bring a smile to your mom’s face, and give them a fresh lease of life by restoring them.


  • Scan or take a picture of the old photo.
  • Visit Nero AI Old Photo Restoration.
  • Upload the photo and tick the boxes of “scratch fix”, “colorize”, and “face enhancement” to get the best result.
  • Download the restored photo.
  • Print it out and wrap it carefully.

Hint: If the photo isn’t clear enough for printing, consider using Nero AI Image Upscaler to upscale it.

  2. Enhance Precious Memories

It must have been some of your mother’s most memorable occasions, but we may not have had a proper photo shooting setting in the past, so the photo will be grainy and unappealing.

Yesterday is no longer with us. You can ask your mother’s best friend to look for some old images. If we can improve the appearance of this vintage photo, it will make the ideal gift for your loved ones.

use nero ai denoise and enhance




   3. Turn your mother’s portrait into a cartoon

If restoring old photos doesn’t feel special enough, why not try something different?
Cartoonize one of your mom’s portraits! Transform your lovely mother into a Disney princess, a character from an 80s anime, or a fierce warrior from a game. Explore styles that your mom adores, and give her a delightful surprise.


  • Take a photo of your mom.
  • Go to Nero AI Cartoonizer.
  • Upload the photo and select her favourite style.
  • Download the cartoonized photo.
  • Print it or keep it digital.
Hint: For added fun, create a face animation with this picture!

   4. Create stylish portraits of your mother

Taking your mother to a photography studio to capture beautiful art portraits is a wonderful idea.
Even better, you can now do this for her without even leaving home! With the Nero AI Avatar Generator, you only need photos of your mom, and you can easily obtain a series of stylish portraits of her. Isn’t it sweet to make these portraits into a beautiful album?


  • Capture at least 10 photos of your mom; ideally, aim for 20.
  • Head to Nero AI Avatar Generator.
  • Upload the photos and allow Nero AI to train your avatar.
  • Once trained, choose a style and click “generate” for more images.
  • Select and download your preferred pictures.
  • Create a physical album by printing them out or craft a digital album.


Here are the 4 creative gift ideas for Mother’s Day we want to share. Are you feeling inspired?
Whether you choose photo restoration, cartooning, denoise, enhancing or creating an avatar, you’ll revive your mom’s cherished memories of youth.
Be more imaginative with your gift. Allow Nero AI to make your old memories more precious and unforgettable. Love will not fade.

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