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BEST AI Video Upscaler Software (2024)

What Are AI Video Upscalers?


AI video upscaling utilizes machine learning and AI algorithms to enhance the resolution and overall quality of your video. In contrast to conventional upscaling techniques that simply interpolate existing pixels, AI-driven upscaling creates fresh pixels that seamlessly align with the originals. This technique helps creators to restore blurry footage to a higher level of detail and clarity.
It is a game-changer when dealing with old tapes, cropped video content, and, of course, AI-generated videos. If you are struggling with one of these subjects, this article is for you.

What is the BEST AI Video Upscaler?


Topaz? CapCut? Numerous AI video upscaling solutions are available on the market, ranging from desktop applications to online services. You can choose your favorite one according to its quality, your budget, and the video type you wish to upscale.

1. Topaz Video AI


Of course, Topaz Video AI is the pioneer of this type of software. We were first impressed by their image upscaler, and the video enhancement that comes with it.

Topaz’s primary goal is to assist photographers, graphic designers, and videographers in maximizing image quality. So it’s best for professionals.


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Click here for a more in-depth evaluation of Topaz Video AI.

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Nero AI includes a variety of simple AI functions, such as one-click image upscaler, photo restoration, face animation, and more. Many people choose Nero AI not only because it is straightforward to use, but also because the results are quickly visible.

All we know about Nero is Nero Burning Rom, thus Nero AI Video Upscaler comes with a package of Nero Recode Stick and Nero AI Video Upscaler, which is ideal for enhancing old tapes and video saved on obsolete equipment.

Furthermore, users on the Microsoft Store praised this software’s simplicity and flawless experience.

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Click here for a detailed review of the Nero AI Video Upscaler.


Hitpaw Video Enhancer is an excellent alternative for video enhancement due to its several platforms. Remove and replace video backgrounds quickly and smoothly.

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4.VideoProc Converter AI

VideoProc Converter AI will be an effective video converter after you have enhanced the video.

More output formats are supported, making videos playable on more platforms and devices.

VideoProc Converter AI offical web screenshot


No idea what to choose? We have compared some top-notch AI video upscalers for you.

Functions & Pricing:

First, check out the comparison of the main functions and pricing.
As can be seen from the chart below, if you are a professional video editor with an adequate budget, you can choose Topaz Labs Video AI.
If you wish to upscale blurry animation, or you are looking for a cost-effective AI video upscaler, Nero AI Video Upscaler is your best choice.
4 video upscaler software Compare

Upscaled results:

Next, compare the practical performance of Topaz Labs Video AI and Nero AI Video Upscaler by testing them with different types of content: old video, animation, and AI-generated footage. You can see which results are more suitable for your needs.

Old video


AI-generated video

Now, have you decided which AI video upscaler is your favorite?
We are also interested in learning what type of video you want to upgrade. Tell us.

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