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Your PC can do more than you think:
With the world novelty, the Nero AI Phototagger!
Now you can tag images automatically – experience artificial intelligence on your local PC at its best

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1 /// Enlarge images without quality loss

Nero Image Super-Resolution: Use artificial intelligence to increase image resolution without losing quality. Try it out to see how fast and easy to use it is.


2 /// Order and structure in your photo archive

Nero AI Photo Tagger: Thanks to Intel® OpenVINO™, now supported on Intel® Core™ 10th generation processors, Nero AI Photo Tagger* uses lightning–fast AI technology to sort your photos and organize your creativity by identifying content based on more than 100 categories.


3 /// How strong is my PC? The real PC benchmark

Nero Score: Nero Score – The real-world PC benchmark measures your processor’s (CPU) multi-core power and is pushing your graphics card (GPU) to it’s maximum limit with real world multimedia use cases.The initial version of Nero Score includes a CPU AI benchmark and measures how many pictures per second can be processed with artificial intelligence on the given CPU.


The future is Nero!

Nero AI

We invest in AI because we are convinced that artificial intelligence will help shape the future. Discover with Nero what AI can do for you. We recommend using the latest Intel processors to unlock the full potential of your computer.


Do you have any questions about our Nero AI?

  • Which objects can the AI Phototagger detect?

    The AI Phototagger is under constant development. At the moment it can recognize over 100 different objects, here is the complete list:American football, barbecue, bed, beer, bench, birthday, bookshelf, bridge, castle, chair, Christmas, soft drink, cocktail, coffee, concert, couch, dessert, elephant, fashion show, fast food, fireworks, flower, forest, golf, grape, rabbit, house, bill, juice, children, lemon, lion, mango, motorcycle, mountain, orange, palace, peach, pear, person, pineapple, qr code, rain, running, salad, sea, selfie, sports car, strawberry, swim, table, tennis, tomato, tower, tree, volleyball, watercraft, wedding, wine, plane, apple, baby, banana, barcode, basketball, beach, bicycle, bird, bus, business card, cake, camping, car, cat, cattle, church, cloudy, deer, dog, fish, meadow, hiking, horse, night, pizza, playground, portrait, rainbow, river, lake, sky, skyscraper, snow, football, road, sunrise, sunset, temple, train, valley

  • Will my data be published by Nero Score?

    Nero Score measures the speed of your CPU and GPU by performing AI tagging on your computer. The results are not published, but you have the possibility to compare your results online with those of other users. Here you can choose any user name under which their results will be displayed. At you can see the results of other users.

  • Do I need an active Internet connection for Nero AI?

    The online tools shown here require an active internet connection. At you can download the desktop programs for this, these also work without an internet connection.

  • Does Nero Platinum include AI technology?

    Yes, AI Phototagger is part of the Nero Platinum Suite. Image Super-Resolution and Nero Score can be downloaded for free at